211112 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Singing practice video after a long time🎤”

Singing practice video after a long time🎤

Original “Love and Soul” movie! 🎥
Molly’s solo song With you✨

“I found your shirt in the morning.
Why did I do that??
When the laundry man asks how you’re doing,
I cried then. “I cried”.

“I picked up your shirts this morning
I don’t know why,
Mr Reynolds said to say hello
I started to cry,,,,,”

My beloved lover Sam died in an accident.
Molly left alone in the house she lived with. Now I have to overcome it alone, but all the memories with him are full.

“You took my hopes with you
Took my dreams with you”

It’s a slow and emotional song where you have to control your breathing well, right?
Especially for me who lacks the strength to support my breathing, I learned a lot while practicing this song.😆 Just a little bit of practice video for the concert to make it more complete by continuing to practice. 🍂

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211101 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates

[Food and candy that’s good for your bronchial tubes]

#While shooting #LunFabet, click! 📸
Thanks to my parents, I got to know Omija and I’ve been drinking Omija Cheongade or Omija Tea.☕️🍒🍒
@qwerwls95 #Mungyeong Omija Please show a lot of love.🍒#Moonkyung apple is sweet, crunchy, and the best.

Also, when I take care of my throat, especially when I sing, I prepare candy and Vaseline & Natural Oil on my nose and apply it once every two hours, so I take good care of it.
I hope your vocal cords stay healthy. Ajaaaa☺ Good night, everyone☺

It’s a hot item for vocalists who can get it from Market Kurly these days. I also take this item from you before I go to America. ☺ The taste is slightly savory but sweet honey taste. It’s my style. It’s bigger than I thought.

I’m sensitive to hair damage due to frequent bleaching because I’ve been changing the concept to suit the colorful stage since I was a teenager. From the mid-20s, I avoid dyeing as much as possible, brush often at home + apply hair oil, and take care of it simply and steadily!

What I think is important is shampoo, treatment, dryer, and comb. It’s basic, but I think it’s the most difficult.🔎
It’s my first time using the Unix dryer as a gift, but after using it, I gave it to people around me. It’s a lightweight product that can control the wind and strength. It’s also pretty.😆

Wind intensity control Step 3 Hotness Step 3 Cold Cup Step 3
It’s possible! (If you have to dry it fast, you can dry it fast in three stages 💫)

[Hair volume: Long lasting & damaged hair]

Thanks to the kind Unix staff, today is a night full of gratitude and happiness. ♥♥♥️️ #UNIX #Hairdryer recommendation!!

There are a lot of things I need to learn, but I’ll be brave and do well!🔥 Have a nice day today. Everyone 🥰
[LUNA] – Please love Madonna a lot 🌙

Translations via Papago