221117-18 f(Victoria) = ‘Almost Lover’ Still Cuts [8P]

Credits to 宋茜工作室
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221026+27 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates


The anchor Xiao He has joined the Happy “Goose” radio station, and the audience will come to support! #How lucky the radio station is officially open#


#OurTranslatorOfficial Announcement##OurTranslator# Unswerving and loving, for the goal to be tough to the end! Looking forward to unlocking the new identity of the translator~ Hello, Lin Xi!

疯狂星期四v我两块,何笑然给你一段爱@许魏洲ZZ ​​​

Crazy Thursday, oh my two pieces, He Xiaoran will give you a piece of love @徐伟州ZZ ​​​

Translations via Google Translate

note: He Xiaroan is her character in Almost Lover