f(x) News Items – December 29th 2015

Yes I know I haven’t made one of these in a long time but I can’t make them if I don’t have more than two things to put in them~

f(x) Gets An Additional Date for Their 1st Concert

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f(x) News Items – October 7th 2015

Introducing – f(x) News Items! This is something I came up with recently and decided to start today as this website is officially 3 years old. Usually I post full articles here, but less info (or things that don’t get full – translated – article coverage) gets left out. So that’s what this is for!

I also want to know your opinions: is this a good idea?

All sources are either mentioned or visible~

Here we go:

f(x) finally getting an official fanclub name and solo concert? (Koreaboo)

SM Entertainment

The most recent rumors regarding SM Entertainment girl group f(x) has fans very excited!

On October 6th, a netizen uploaded on Instiz a post titled “I don’t really believe it but f(x) may finally form a fanclub ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ… Be careful of being touched (it’ll overwhelm you).”

In the post, the netizen reveals that an SM staff, known by the name Ilgu, recently stated that f(x) will be getting an official fanclub name soon. Not only that, the girls are also set to have their very first concert as well in the near future.

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