121103 f(Krystal) = Me2day update

“I have finally received all my birthday presents now! Thank you… All of it, I will use them well, wear them (clothes) well, wear them (shoes) well, eat them well, take a look at them well:D Im so happy hehe”

Translated by: venessa_chun@Twitter, via affxtion.com

[TRANS] 121103 f(Victoria) = me2day+Weibo update

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[1]“Together with Kangta oppa, I have arrived back safely~ This is my first time back in Beijing after a long time, and I had a really great time with my childhood friends~ The memories of my childhood come back… I have also delivered the fans’ gifts [to charity]~ Let’s do acts like this together again in the future~^^”

[2] “This time, with Kangta oppa, I spent two happy days at Beijing Yuzhu School. I saw the kids happily eating bread, making cakes, diligently writing down their aspirations, the look on their faces as they worked hard on their singing and dancing~ I hope that everyone can work towards their dreams healthily Posted Image And thanks to all the fans who kept on supporting and helping me in my community work~”

Trans by secretsender@iheartfx.com/spiceshoe@iheartfx.com