Special Post – f(Sulli) = Various Events [34P]

121222 Sichuan TV New Year’s Eve Concert, credits to With Qian

130116 GDA, 130128 Happy Camp, credits to Mango Jung

121020 Kyungbok Festival, credits to fx-china.net

121218 SZTV New Year’s Eve Concert, credits to FocuSulli, Amber Baidu Bar, sulliworld.net

ibezzPvy7IMPeM.jpg (1500×3010)

iBmDBaZq1DAK3.jpg (800×1200)

130128 Happy Camp, 130204 Hunan TV Spring Festival, 121129 Hong Kong Airport, 121130 MAMA, credits to fxflowers5

121130 MAMA, credits to sulliworld.net

121218 SZTV New Year’s Eve Concert, 130128 Happy Camp, credits to Krystal Shock

ibkGTkHQUfwjTn.jpg (1500×2005)

121123 SMTOWN Singapore, credits to songqian.net

iCmw6i9NgZSdd.jpg (2048×2730)

130126 Red&White Entertainment Awards in Taiwan, credits to sulliworld.net

FYI: I made this post like this because all these fansites updated today and I thought putting them all together would save me a lot of time so I hope none of you mind it~

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