[TRANS] 130418 f(Victoria) = High Cut Vol. 100 Interview

[Victoria acted in SHINee’s debut MV, “Replay”]
Victoria: it feels like we have really grown a lot if we think back to that time. At that time, we all looked the same as compared to before we debut. SHINee members were all really cute, like little brothers. Now they have all become men.
Key, Onew (surprised): Ya~ Noona said it really well.
Minho: Since we’ve debuted, we have never been interviewed together like this, we’re really surprised. In the behind-the-scenes for the MV, all she repeated was “Annyeonghaseyo, Victoria immida” (T/N: Victoria introducing herself) [Meaning that her korean improved a lot] This is the power of broadcasting.
Victoria: Yes, I really worked hard (smile)

[ also feels your Korean has improved tremendously. In the past, when you were interviewed while filming “Invincible Youth”, you would also continuously repeat “I will work hard”]
Victoria: When we’re promoting, we speak Korean everyday. I’m the leader but every time we do interviews, I have to let the members speak for me so I felt very sorry. I really worked very hard to practice my Korean. (SHINee members became very agitated when talking about age) I’m too old! (laugh)
Taemin: (who understand Victoria well) But I don’t feel that it’s very surprising. I always felt that Noona’s Korean was good.

[SHINee and f(x) are originally “close working partners”]
Minho: Within SM, Super Junior and SNSD are very close. f(x) and SHINee are very close. For EXO, someone of them entered the company after our debut so there are some members that we do not really know.
Key: The groups tend to be close when their practice times are similar. So for us, it’ll be that we favor each other.

[Victoria filmed a drama in China. It must have been comfortable showing your acting skills in chinese]
Victoria: If I use Korean every day, when I speak chinese I have to exert strength behind my neck. I suffered for a week. “When Love Walked In” focuses on the secret of birth. My rich grandfather abandoned me when I was young and with the passage of time, I, along with a few good-looking guys, find my grandfather. It is similar to “My Princess” (2011) which Kim Tae Hee acted in. With this drama, I also managed to win the newcomer award for acting. ^_^

[There’s a lot of rumors that you’re good at cooking. Recently, there has been “Master Chef Korea Celebrity”, do you have any thoughts in being involved?]
Victoria: Ah, I really do wish to go, I felt that way since the show started. Seeing some of SM Family, such as Henry being involved, I would really want to try it if there’s a chance. But seeing the real missions, it seems quite difficult so not taking part is also a blessing. (laughs)

[If all 5 of you were involved in different activities, what is one thing you would like to do?]
Victoria: When my mother was pregnant with me, she learnt fashion design. I wore handmade clothes all the way until I was about Primary 3-4. So under the influence, I also like to create new things. I would like to learn design and do a collaboration related to fashion design.

[Victoria took part in Seoul’s Fashion Week recently, seems like it was fun]
Victoria: I was surprised on going personally to the fashion show. “All the designs were really well done”. f(x) is in the midst of preparing for our new album so we had thoughts like “This year we’ll try this”. Honestly, I was very happy that the photo wall photos taken could garner attention. (laughs)

[It’s been almost 5 years since f(x) debut. Which event let the deepest impression on you?]
Victoria: Personally, it’s “Nu ABO”. Because of this song, we defined what kind of group we were. Thanks to this song. As well as the Africa poster we took when we had just debuted. Africa is not somewhere anyone can go, so it was even more meaningful. We only did basic make up and did a shoot among nature. There was even a lone elephant that wandered past. I was really glad to ave done it.

[5 years later, what will all of you be doing?]
Victoria: I have a lot of dreams and thoughts. 5 years later I want to open a bakery, I also want to show my acting while still promoting as a singer. Ko-SoYoung recently also set up her own line of clothes, I want to be like her! I would also like to buy a big house for my family. 5 years later, I hope at least half of these dreams can be fulfilled”

Korean to Chinese trans by Purple_fx

Chinese to English trans by teresakoh_

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