[VIDEO] 130820 f(Amber) = Mentioned by Henry in his Sina Interview

Brief transcript

MC : So is a very happy process isn’t it ?

Henry ; Yesyes .

MC : SInce you guys are youngster so when you guys work together will you guys go crazy and leave aside your work when you’re working together since you’re happy.

Henry : Er, for me we are musician , so is not like we should be like , Oh we must work, must concentrate the kind. * Music are best comes naturally so when you’re in the recording studio when you’re not relaxed, and about amber, me and her have been in a very good friendship cause shes from US as well so yea we are in a close relationship , and since in the past i’ve been hoping for have a chance to work together, we did worked together before a few times,

and just nice theres 1-4-3 this song, so when we are working together we have been having fun since Amber the kind of bubbly type of girl. So when we work together we are like ‘ Wooo,very high. Really is its fun. ‘

Credits to imWannabeXOXO