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[NEWS] Sulli rumored to be the female lead in movie ‘Fashion King’

After the news about Joo Won being a potential male lead, rumor has it that the female lead has been cast as well for upcoming movie ‘Fashion King‘, and It’s none other than f(x)‘s Sulli!

According to sources in the movie industry, Sulli is rumored to have agreed to take on the role but is currently in the midst of negotiations to confirm her casting.

One insider said, “Sulli will be playing the female lead in ‘Fashion King’. The female lead character’s role in the story is not all that big compared to the male character. There aren’t too many scenes where she and the male lead will be acting together, but she will be appearing in the story as the male lead’s love interest to form a love line.”

As mentioned before, ‘Fashion King’ (not to be confused with the past drama or the survival variety show of the same title) is based on a popular webtoon and portrays the story of a male student who becomes interested in fashion and tries to become the most handsome and best dressed man around. The reason for his decision is due to his wish to become cool enough guy to be around the ulzzang girl in his class. Joo Won is in talks to play the male lead role, Woo Ki Myung, in the film, which will be directed by Oh Ki Hwan.

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Source: allkpop