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COVER: Current Popular Korean Idol Song Qian
The main female role of tarot detective Du Chunxiao from the highly anticipated television drama adaptation of the bestselling novel Strange Encounters in Cocoon Town*, currently filming in Tongli, is being played by current popular Korean idol Song Qian.  Recently, she accepted an interview with a Business Newspaper** journalist and talked about her hardships working to succeed in Korea as well as the meaning of her group name.

Clothing and design aesthetics have always been major highlights in Li Shaohong’s dramas.  This time, they play around [the concept of] “most dazzling Chinese style.”  Everywhere around the film site, I could see all kinds of rich, Republic of China***-styled clothing, furniture, rugs, porcelain, and records, etc.  As I casually flipped through the script, I even found that the jewelry of every character was carefully indicated.  For example, this blouse matches this watch, and [the watch] should be worn on this hand.

Business Newspaper journalist Jin Zhuifeng   Writer/Photographer

BN Journalist: Can you describe the character you play in Strange Encounters in Cocoon Town, as well as the plot?

Song Qian: Du Chunxiao is a female detective from the Republic of China era, a very legendary girl capable of divination and solving cases.  I really like the Republic of China era, and I also really liked the clothes the costume designer prepared for me because I normally don’t have the chance to wear them.  This can probably be considered as suspenseful teen period drama.  Just the fact that tarots are used to solve cases makes this drama especially worth waiting for.  Director Shaohong has also intentionally added plots centered on wealth and romance to make the drama even more interesting.  Du Chunxiao is a role I really like because I am very similar to her in some aspects.  I also hope I won’t disappoint everyone and bring a considerably acceptable Du Chunxiao to everyone.
BN Journalist: Have you asked Director Li why she selected you this time?  What do you think she saw in you?

Song Qian: We haven’t really talked about it.  Maybe my appearance and temperament corresponded well.  It probably isn’t because she valued my ability to act (laughs).  This you should ask Director Shaohong.


BN Journalist: Some fans of the novel have expressed that the qipao design is too beautiful and doesn’t correspond with the “sloppy sorceress” image from the original work.  How do you regard this?

Song Qian: Any actress who comes to fill a role will have some people thinking she isn’t suitable, so I am rather glad that I am the first one to fill this role.  The good part about being the first person to eat a crab is that you can freely unleash yourself in a large area.  Television is meant to given everyone visual pleasure, so I think being a little prettier doesn’t matter that much.  Changing a small part while still respecting the basis of the original work can also be accepted.
BN Journalist: Have you gone anywhere after arriving in Suzhou?  Do you have any impressions of this small city of Jiangnan****?

Song Qian: I still haven’t been able to go to very many places.  Suzhou is very beautiful and quiet.  Here, I unconsciously let go and my entire body can relax.  Although I’m here for work, it’s pleasant and the air is very good here.  Though it’s a little humid sometimes, breathing here is very comfortable; my entire mood is very good.  If I have some time after filming the drama, I’d definitely look for the chance to walk and look around.
BN Journalist: I’ve seen you on Weibo basking in the bak kut teh and mixed shredded radishes you made.  Are these your specialty dishes?

Song Qian: I have many specialty dishes (laughs).  These two are easier to make and also what I like to eat. Showing off a little here and there and receiving everyone at the drama production site is especially convenient, so when I have the chance, I’ll cook even more delicious food for everybody.
BN Journalist: Why would you choose f(x) as a group name?  Is there any particular meaning behind it?

Song Qian: f(x) is taken from the mathematical symbol, to use our group as different values of “x” in order to create different functions but remaining lively all the same.  Also, from our group members’ debut until now, we’ve also assumed many identities: singers, actresses, MCs, etc.  There’s also this indication.
BN Journalist: As someone from Qingdao, why did you decide to expand in Korea? What thoughts did your family have at the time?

Song Qian: You could say it was a chanced coincidence.  At the time, I was selected to be a trainee after I had finished participating in a competition in Beijing.  Back then, I experienced a lot of training and practice.  And also because my language and dance expertise completely did not match with Korea’s, I definitely experienced some difficulties when I first arrived there, so of course my family was worried.  However, although they were worried, they also supported me.  My parents also invested a lot.
BN Journalist: Do you think there are any differences between the Korean and Chinese entertainment circles?  Will China be your future primary battlefield?

Song Qian: I think that regardless of environment, one always needs self-perseverance.  Of course, Korea is also a battlefield we will continue to strive for.  There’s no primary.
BN Journalist: Does the current you have any wishes?

Song Qian: Finish Director Shaohong’s new drama well.  Because most of my time in the past was focused on singing, I’d like to express gratitude towards Cocoon Town for allowing me to touch on some opportunities in acting dramas, as well as allowing me to enjoy performing even more.  That feeling of living inside a role is especially good.  I think in the future I might try all kinds of different roles.  Of course, music is the biggest part of my career.  I don’t know if Cocoon Town will be able to meet everyone this year, though I also wish that I can bring new songs and works to everyone.

*commonly translated as Cocoon Town Romance.  Neither are official translations.

**This is an interview article from Suzhou’s City Business Newspaper.

***referring to the era during which mainland China was ruled by the nationalist Kuomintang, or Republic of China, government from 1912 – 1949.

****referring to Suzhou, a city of the Jiangsu province that is located south (nán in Mandarin) of the Yangtze (Changjiang) River.  Thus, Jiangnan.


Credits to City Business Newspaper via Taiwan PTTfx

Translated by doujiang @iheartfx

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