[TRANS] 140424 f(Krystal) = AppleDaily Interview

Korea’s popular girl groups’ members SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, they are the popular sister pair in the industry, and have also been referred as Korea version of Olsen Twins, many girls look up to their fashion sense & style, as both of them come from two different girl groups, there are inevitably comparison made by others between these two, but this does not affect their relationship. The elder sister Jessica is cold on the outside yet has a warm personality; whereas the younger sister Krystal is warm on the outside and has a icy personality, one cold and one warm, the combination of both.

They are the hottest girl groups in Korea in recent years who sing and dance well, possess a perfect face and body that are envied by many, and also have stunning image, making people craze over them regardless of age and gender. They are also referred as the ‘most beautiful celebrity sibling’ in Korea, SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, f(x)’s Krystal also participated in the drama ‘The Heirs’ and has a high popularity in Kpop. Earlier on, both of them flew to LA after receiving an invitation from British’s reowned brand Jimmy Choo to attend Choo.08 launch party and at the same time accept Apple Daily’s interview.

During the interview, both of them wore casual outfits and put on light makeup for photoshoot, 25 years old Jessica gives off an icy and elegant feeling, fitting of her ‘Ice Princess’ nickname whereas Krystal who is only 19 years old gives off a pure innocent and cute feel. In a Korea variety show ‘Super Idol Chart Show’ last month, she was voted as #4 in the top 10 sexiest korean celebrity, however throughout the interview, most of the time it is Ice princess Jessica replying, while Krystal smiled and nodded head at the side, revealing a more quiet side of her.

Jessica and Krysta are both born in California and both of them can speak fluent english, Jessica revealed her thoughts of going to LA. “Coming back to LA feel like going back to hometown, we grown up under the Sun, beautiful beach of California, and we often come to LA, because there is Universal Studio and also many good resturants, both of us love to eat, so during my free time i will cook korean dishes, and Krystal like desserts”

The new reality show featuring both of them will be airing next month, and will reveal their everyday life. Krystal said: “We like to play together, have heart to heart talks and eat together, we are nothing different from other sisters”
In recent years, Korea’s fashion, kpop, drama, food and culture have invaded the whole world, and as part of Kpop, both Jessica and Krystal are proud that their country’s culture can bring such big influences.
Jessica said: ” We are thankful for the support from Hongkong and China’s fans, and we are honoured to be able to take part in it, hope that our music can bring joy and strength to fan”

Krystal revealed that she is in the midst of recording new song, and the f(x), the group that she belongs to is also planning to come to Hong kong for performance this coming Summer, so fans do look forward to it.

When talking about high heels, both sisters are enthusiatic, Jessica wore a 5 inch high crystal high heels in the party also revealed that she started loving high heels since she was 19. “I started loving wearing high heels since i was 19, because when i wore them i will feel even more confident and feminine, even though this time coming to LA for only a few days, i went shopping and trying shoes and buying shoes nonstop.” Krystal who is more boyish continued: “How many high heels are there at home? Including this trip, i think there are over 100 pairs! When i do not need to work, i usually prefer to wear more oxford shoes which are more comfortable or flats”

Last Friday, Jessica turned 25 years old, when talking about birthdays, Jessica do not have much feelings on it and even joked “So i am actually halfway to 50, to me birthdays do not need to be too special, i feel that i have grown up and am more sensible now, but i am still young at heart” The two sisters debut at a young age and enjoy high popularity, but they feel that their life has just started, Jessica said: “We are really grateful, we have never dream of becoming singers, so we are thankful to God for gifting us talents in singing, i work with my sister oftenly and it is interesting, we are still young, other than singing, we still have a lot of plans and paths ahead of us, but right now most importantly it is to enjoy life and also to accept whatever that come our way! “

Trans by mystarmyangel