5 things that make f(x) awesome


5 things that make f(x) awesome

The f(x) members are all amazing in their own ways, be it their individual talents, looks, charms or personality. In these 5 years, the girls have shown us many performances, given us lots of great songs, and revealed honest appearances of themselves through their shows. But have you ever thought of the things that make the whole group stand out, besides their music style? Or simply, the things that make them so awesome? Let’s review 5 of those things!

1. Passion

Within only a few weeks from their debut, f(x) performed at the KBS Open Concert in pouring rain. It was getting in their eyes and mouths, it was drenching their clothes. But they kept smiling and showed that they were having fun!


It rained so much on that day. We were performing our song ‘LA chA TA’ outside.. the whole performance became so famous it turned into ‘Rain chA TA’! We smiled and danced in the rain and that was very memorable.

2. Talent

(c) theangrycamel


From their very first live stage up until now, f(x) has showed us impressive live skills and showcased their singing and dancing. Whether it’s dancing skills, singing skills or acting skills, they have shown us everything through individual and group activities. While members Victoria and Luna are skilled dancers, members Amber, Krystal, and Luna once again are great singers and Sulli, Victoria and Krystal have shown their appearances as actresses. Member Luna is well known for her amazing performances on KBS ‘Immortal Songs 2’ and also won on the October 6th 2012 episode (which, by the way, was the day this site was opened!) while Victoria is known for her debut drama ‘When Love Walks In’, having received a rookie actress award. Krystal and Sulli are also known for their acting performances while Amber is known for her MCing.

3. Visuals

(c) gurayphotoshop, salsalittleworld, ssulbeautiful

Often called a visual group, f(x) is known for their distinctive, unique looks. Leader Victoria has a mature, goddess-like appearance, Amber is known for her tomboy-ish look, Luna has a short yet beautiful, voluptuous and elegant body, while Sulli and Krystal have youthful, stunning faces. From their debut until now, f(x) has been receiving a lot of attention for their looks, standing out from other groups.

f(x) updates on their whereabouts with a group picture ‘prettier by the day’

[+348, -55] f(x) is probably the only group with a ‘three top’ in visuals. Girl groups usually have 1-2 aces per group but f(x) has three visuals.

[+276, -9] They’re the visual group one top with good song records, I don’t know why SM doesn’t support them more.

[+213, -28] Sulli’s image has changed a lot. She’s really pretty…

[+114, -8] Saw Victoria in real life and her beauty is a wall… the camera doesn’t do her justice.

Source: netizenbuzz

4. Quirkiness

(c) gifsnotmine (i couldn’t find the original..)
(c) onehallyu
(c) reddit

As fans, I’m sure you’re familiar with our girls’ funny little acts. On every show they’ve had or been on, they never failed to show their personalities and make us smile and laugh. They play, they screw around, they prank each other. The f(x) members are surely not a quiet bunch! But is it a bad thing? I’d say not. It shows that they’re treasuring their time and making the best out of it, while inevitably keeping us entertained as well.

5. Friendship

Having debuted together at fragile ages, the f(x) members developed a family-like, close friendship. They hug each other, they make fun of each other, they support each other. Throughout their 5 years of activities they stuck together through good and bad times and remained loyal one to another. They might not be living together in a dorm anymore, but their latest show Amazing f(x) reveals their never-dying close friendship.

Those were the 5 things that to me, make f(x) awesome. What 5 things would it be for you?

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate f(x) on their 5th anniversary and I wish them all the best. I promise to support and love them forever, f(x) hwaiting!

Author: hearteumi@functionlove.net. Ask for permission first if you want to take this out or translate it in another language!

note: gif credits go to the rightful owners! i didn’t find the originals in most cases so I credited the places I took them from. big kudos to all the gif makers though, you’re awesome!

note 2: this was inspired by soshified, who did something similar for SNSD’s anniversary~

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