141226 f(Amber) = KBS ‘A Song for You’+Tudou Korea Weibo Update [3P]

Credits to A Song for You, Tudou
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[TRANS] 141226 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Sunyoung finally ㅜ Lived in the hospital for 6 days …”


Feeling restless… Sunyoung finally ㅜ Lived in the hospital for 6 days …I decided to do outpatient treatment ㅠ ㅠ Oh God.. My dad spent Christmas in the hospital in case I got very lonely or was in pain and even stood up all night .. Touched tears at the news of discharge .. Was touched once again by my parents who visited me by surprise after watching me eat only spoonfuls of sugar all night ㅜ Now I have to spend a healthy and happy day.. I have become more thankful to the precious people who were beside me when sick ㅜ I love you, I’ll pay you back ..

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Well that left me in tears
poor thing ;___;