150130 f(Krystal) = Etude House Website Update [16P]

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[TRANS] 150130 f(Luna) = BNT News Interview: “I’ll love my members more this year”

Full Photoshoot

Q. You’ve gotten very pretty. You’ve heard these words a lot recently, haven’t you?

Ah, thank you. I’ve heard them a lot after I cut my bangs.

Q. Although you’ve been asked this a lot, what is the meaning behind your name ‘Luna’?

I said this a lot during my debut days but I’m a little embarrassed because it’s been a while? Luna means ‘the moon’s fairy’. The girl who illuminates the dark, the moon’s goddess.

Q. Luna smiles quite well. That appearance is very good. When do you like your appearance the most?

Reporter, this is the first time I receive such a question. Whoa, that’s a question that makes you think. Um, when I sing? And during photoshoots.

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[TRANS] 150130 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “#BNT_Photoshoot”



The photoshoot I’ve been waiting for has been revealed ! Some of the photos I liked h





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