Pre-Order Amber’s Solo Album ‘Beautiful’!

Album details (from Yesasia)

Amber is the first f(x) member to go solo! The popular and charming rapper’s first mini-album is aptly titledBeautiful. Amber participated in the songwriting for the urban hip-hop title song Shake That Brass which has a distinct brass sound and a fun message. Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon also features in the song!

Physical release date: Feb 17/18


01. Beautiful

02. Shake That Brass (feat. Taeyeon)

03. Love Run

04. Heights

05. I Just Wanna (feat. Eric Nam)

Links (click the photos!)





4 thoughts on “Pre-Order Amber’s Solo Album ‘Beautiful’!

  1. Franshite

    Why is everyone tweeting about shakethatbrass when the official title is Beautiful. What exactly is Shake that brass.
    Thank u.

  2. Do you know if the poster from yesasia will be the same as the poster from kpopmart? I usually order from YesAsia, but if the posters are different, then I’ll have to order from both! 😛

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