[NEWS] Henry’s “Happy Together” Speech Mistake, “I’ve slept with Amber”

Henry’s speech mistake on ‘Happy Together’ has become a sensation.

Henry and Amber guested on KBS2’s “Happy Together 3” on the 30th.

On this day, Henry aroused shock by saying “Amber and I have slept together”. After this Yoo Jaeseok mischievously replied “You’ve slept together? This sounds weird”, then Amber asked “If you can’t say it like that in Korean then how do you say it?”.

Amber then clarified, “We stayed up all night to compose music and at 5AM Henry called and said to pack up and come along with the team. He got a big house so we stayed over.” She added, “I want to do that too but there’s the company. I’ll just go everyday. We ended it with that”.

Then Yoo Jaeseok remarked, “That is even sweeter”.

Source: TV Report

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