[NEWS] f(x)’s Luna Reveals Her Family Was Critical of Her “King of Mask Singer” Performances

While the public was blown away by f(x) member Luna‘s outstanding vocals on “King of Mask Singer,” her family seems to think there is room for improvement.

Luna was a guest on the May 26 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Two O’Clock Date, I’m Park Kyung Lim” to talk about her “King of Mask Singer” experience and overall singing career.

During the radio show, she revealed that musical talent runs in the family, but she is the only one to pursue a career in pop music. “Everyone in my family is a classical musician except for me.”

“My father is a conductor, my mother and older sister are vocalists, and my older brother is a composer,” she explained, and went on to say, “I have the weakest voice of our family.”

“As all of my family members are professional musicians, they gave constructive criticism on my tone or breathing instead of giving me compliments,” Luna finally revealed how her family reacted to her performances on “King of Mask Singer.”

Source, credits to Soompi