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[NEWS] Jessica reveals heartwarming facts about Krystal during interview

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung reveals during an interview that her sister Krystal is her motivation.

On August 18th, Jessica’s interview with China’s Tudou Fashion was revealed to the public. Her statement regarding her sister Krystal has been gaining a lot of attention.

During the interview, Jessica was asked about the positives and negatives having a sister. She answered, “The positive side of having a sister is the fact that I do have a sister. She gives me a lot of strength because her dependable presence is always there for me no matter what.”

When asked about her strongest personality despite years of training, Jessica answered, “perseverance and patience are my biggest strengths. I could have easily given up during the years of training and being an artist but I never thought of giving up.”

She also revealed that out of many years of training and being an artist, “the last year has been the biggest phase of growth due to many things happening at once.”

Source: TV Report, credits to Koreaboo