150922 f(Amber) = At the KBS Building for ‘A Song for You’ [2] | 5P

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[VIDEO] 150922 f(x) = Tencent Live Mini Concert Greeting+Transcript

Re-up by justbeme quietlim

Transcript (Korean parts):

All: Hello, we’re f(x)!

Krystal: On September 30th at 8:30PM you will finally be able to meet us f(x) at Tencent Live K-Pop.

Luna: We’ll work hard and prepare to show the Tencent Live K-Pop viewers a new appearance, please look forward to it a lot!

Amber: So let’s meet at the f(x) part on September 30th at 8:30PM at Tencent Live K-Pop!

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150922 f(Victoria) = Instavid Update