151025 f(Victoria)+f(Amber)+f(Krystal) = Jeju Airport (Going Back to Seoul) [1] | 17P

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151025 f(Sulli) = paperiidol’s Instagram Update

[TRANS] 151025 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “They’ve been with f(x) for more than 4 years..”

They’ve been with f(x) for more than 4 years.. Thank you to our unnies who are always on our side, thank you for being with us today as well, I love you 💕 #fx_4walls #fxstylist #jihyang #seohyun #prettyunnies #mustbetired

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[TRANS] 151025 f(x) The 4th Full Album ‘4 Walls’ Photocard Messages


4 Walls has finally come out!

Since we have prepared as much as you looked forward to it, listen to it interestingly!! Oh yeah!! We’ll work hard!


f(x) 4 Walls 4th full album hwaiting♥

♥ Thank you for looking forward to it

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