[TRANS] 151104 f(x) = KBS Music Video Bank Stardust Cuts

I don’t have time to sub these so I translated what they said. If you want to use these translations, feel free to do so but please credit!!!!!

KBS: We don’t have an MC for comeback talk, pick one of you to do it
Amber: Luna
Luna: Victoria unnie
Krystal: Amber
Luna: Good. Amber has been an MC before. She could try to do it here
Amber: I’m expensive!
Luna: Oh, you’re expensive?
Amber: Yes..
Victoria: Then you do it, Luna!
Amber: I’ll do it!
KBS: We’ll give you the script
Krystal: Don’t you dare be bad! (at MC-ing)
Amber: f(x) has returned with their 4th full album ‘4 Walls’! Until now, what did we do?
Luna: We worked hard for our individual acitvities and prepared for ‘4 Walls’
Amber: Especially Luna who appeared on that mask.. what is it?
Luna: Why talk about that here? (t/n: ‘Mask King’ is from MBC while Stardust is from KBS)
Amber: You can talk about it!
Luna: Ah, really?
Amber: Since I’m the MC I can do what I want!
Luna: By going on the mask program I was able to promote f(x) and improve my vocals along with musical ‘In The Heights’ for ‘4 Walls’
Amber: That is very good.
Luna: Our Krystal?
Krystal: I was unemployed
Amber: Soojung then rested..
Krystal: After the last promos ended I filmed a drama and did photoshoots and ads
Amber: We’ve barely seen Victoria unnie
Victoria: I filmed a drama in the first half of the year in China, flew to Europe for a movie and I’m currently filming another drama
Amber: Unnie is an acting star! I went to the army…
Victoria&Luna: Forget it!
Luna: You worked hard, Forget It!
Luna: Forget it, forget it all!
Victoria: Next question
Amber: Since we’re making a comeback after a while, how do we feel?
Luna: How is it?
Victoria: Honestly we were nervous. We’re doing it after such a long time and I think these promos have a special meaning to us, so I hope everyone will like it!


Amber: What’s the album’s concept?
Luna: It’s an album with EDM songs that show f(x)’s unique style
Amber: We obviously can’t show the title song
Victoria: We can’t show it? We won’t show it then~ You’re telling us not to show it!
Amber: We can’t NOT show it!
Luna: Right
Amber: So shall we sing a part of the title song and show the point dance?
Luna: Well then, should our sfecial MC unnie and our sfecial pink hat-wearing Victoria unnie…
Amber: Why are you putting in ‘f’ in ‘special’?
Luna: (corrects herself) Special MC Amber and special pink hat-wearing Victoria unnie should show it
Krystal: The unnies!
Amber: In the choreography, there’s this part, and it’s a 4
Luna: You didn’t know, right?
Amber: And this too, 4! WOW!!
Victoria: Rabbit ears!

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “[TRANS] 151104 f(x) = KBS Music Video Bank Stardust Cuts

  1. Hearteumi, you are indispensable when it comes to keeping the world informed about f(x) and my favorite girl Krystal ❤ and in English. I thank you for being here on the web and really appreciate you and your blogs ❤

  2. em

    thanks for translating!
    there’s a Q&A portion as well!:)

    it’ll be super cool if you could translate this part as well pretty please XD

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