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[NEWS] Sulli Chosen As The New Model for Estée Lauder

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Global beauty brand Estée Lauder has chosen recently turned actress Sulli as their new model.

Estée Lauder revealed on the 17th, “Sulli’s fresh face with an image that suits any look corresponds well with Estée Lauder’s value”, and added that with her wide spectrum, Sulli would appeal with a brand that focuses on makeup.

Sulli’s first meeting with Estée Lauder will be revealed in star style magazine ‘High Cut’. You can check Sulli’s innocent but also sexy charm in her photoshoot in High Cut Vol. 180.

In the future, Sulli is expected be showing various charms as the new face of Estée Lauder with their skin care, and, of course, makeup.

Source: HeraldPOP via Nate

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