[PROJECT] f(x) 7th Anniversary Event – “Letter to f(x)”

functionlove.net is back with another project!

With “Letter to f(x)”, we want to give MeU the occasion to express their feelings and love to f(x), in a more unique, classic way.

And that is, of course, writing letters to f(x)!

This is inspired by the event SM is doing right now at SUM but which is only open to fans in Korea.

What you have to do:

  • Handwrite a letter to f(x) in either English, Korean or Chinese

  • Take a photo of it or scan it. Make sure it’s clear!

  • Share the photo/scan to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LetterToFx so they will see them all in one place!


  • If your handwriting isn’t clear or your simply don’t want/don’t have time or the resources to handwrite a letter, feel free to type it electronically! You can use THIS as a background if you want!

  • If you have lots of things to say, try to divide your letter into 2 or more photos so the writing is clear!

  • Fanart/drawings are very welcome as well!


  • [!!] The photo above is an example of how your photos should look (they might not look as clear here because they’re smaller) and not of what you should write! Be original! That’s why I put the tag all over.

  • Make sure you pop up the contrast so the writing is clear and use a black, thicker pen if you can (my example is more of a draft)

     Get sentimental! Pour your heart into it and say what you want. Ask for someone’s help if your English isn’t good enough!

Deadline: Sep 5th

Have fun and let the tears flow~

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