[TRANS] 161221 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Luna’s favorite delicate-scented friend”


Luna’s favorite delicate-scented friend. The new star Luna will spend the end of 2016 with 👍🏻 This Christmas gift was suitably given to Lulu who has been studying beauty? (thankful) I always thought I receive (gifts) from meeting good people, I feel thankful and sorry.. I don’t know how to repay them 😂 I’m not being sponsored for this product, I really used it and liked it. It’s a mask pack by a new brand called #BoNaturals, please use it once ^^ I should totally do a Luna’s Alphabet mask special where I’d recommend mask packs. Do you know a great method to apply mask packs well? I gotta show you how to do it dream-like by separating the contents and lowering the time! And I have to pick my most important skin time’s most suitful thing.Pleae give #bonajour lots of love
I sent a prettily packaged gift to the thankful Jaehyun oppa who gifted me (these products)
I uploaded a photo where only I turned out pretty..
Sorry 🤔🤔 Bonajour

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