170218 f(Krystal) = Etude House Instavid Update

[TRANS] 170218 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “You’re a thankful dongsaeng and precious friend to me”

The you who always took care of me before others and worried for me, you’re a thankful dongsaeng and precious friend to me. Congrats on your new song, you know my feelings, right? I’m supporting you with MeU, Suddeong, I love you ♥


f(x) Luna @hermosavidaluna and C’t Out @cesttout_seoul’s warm collaboration project
Please give a lot of interest and love to this event prepared to help the Korea Unmarried Family Association (@s_ujiii) (@sunleeeeee) Video(@kimgyujin) Photo(@rawwstudios) Location consent(@ether.le)

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