170426 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “1……?!??”

wtf… now a bunch of posts on my site are obsolete again…

4 thoughts on “170426 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “1……?!??”

  1. nozomeme

    Just a gentle suggestion that maybe your posts wouldn’t be obsolete if you just uploaded the photos directly instead of embedding them.

      1. nozomeme

        Have you heard of the app instasave? It’s easy to use for mobile and it saves pics AND videos 😊 just something to keep in mind for the future! Thank you for always updating! 💖

      2. Saving isn’t the issue, it’s making the posts themselves haha I’m out of memory on my wordpress account and can’t upload photos on mobile so I have to re-upload them to imgur and add them through an html code

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