160??? f(Krystal) = Filming ‘Graduation Season’ [15] | 1P

Credits to K-Fi郑秀晶Studio

Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.

4 thoughts on “160??? f(Krystal) = Filming ‘Graduation Season’ [15] | 1P

  1. Krystal’s just Soo Beautiful ❤ For me she is quite definitely the most beautiful Actress in any drama or movie on TV ❤ Also extremely talented ❤

  2. hearteumi, have you heard when the Chinese will release Krystal’s movie “Unexpected Love” or this Chinese Drama “Graduation Season”. I know tvN is starting Krystal’s Korean drama “Bride of The Water God” in July, but millions of fans and me want to see Krystal’s Chinese productions.

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