[TRANS] 170723 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Can’t always live satisfied..”


Can’t always live satisfied.. But it’s possible to put in effort for what’s next in your life, right ..? Even if it’s not what you feel, if you endure it and you’re encouraged and supported, it makes your life valuable and happy. Although I obviously lack a lot and I make mistakes due to my young thinking, through this experience, I can learn how to become an adult. For those of you who, today too, feel the sadness and worrying from being tired and confused, I want to encourage you and I pray that you will find that warming heart that can forgive ⭐️ Since we’re a lacking existence ..Don’t forget that you’re an existence with more to fill up !!! Cheer up !! It’s fun to learn 😂😂 Please give JTBC2 ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ 2 lots of love! See you on Wednesday at 9:20PM  💛

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sorry if this translation makes no sense, i tried my best to understand what she was trying to say ><