[TRANS] 170802 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “I’m sharing the pain with those who are also taking care of a sick baby”

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– 우리가족 막내 잼이가 (고양이) 많이 아파요..고의적인 사고는 아니였지만 .. 문에 끼어 하반신마비가 된 우리 잼이.. 대소변을 가리지 못해 매일 5번이상 닦아주고 사랑으로 키워야 하는 우리 아가 바쁜 엄마여서 24시간 돎아줘야하는데도 쉽지않아요 .. 매번 아침 밤낮으로 신경써줘도 제 맘처럼 쉽게 나아지지 않는 아가 얼른 또래 친구들처럼 자라야 휠체어라도 맞춰줄텐데 이제는 밥도 먹지를 않네요 동물이라서 말못하며 얼마나 아플까 너무 미안한 마음 뿐입니다.. 이 새볔에 너무 미안한 마음과 속상함으로 글을 적어봅니다.. 얼른 나아기지를 간절히 바라며 제가 더 책임감을 갖고 아가에게 잘해보려구요 아픈아가를 키우시고 계신 모든분들에게 위로를 전하며 .. 같이 힘내보아요 우리 잼이 얼른 건강하게 뛰어다니자 사랑해 💛

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Our family’s youngest Jaemie (cat) is very sick.. Although it wasn’t an intentional case ..Our Jaemie was caught into a doorway and paralyzed.. She was unable use the bathroom had to be cleaned 5 times a day and even though she was raised with love by my busy mom, it was still hard.. Even if I took care of her all throughout the day, it wasn’t easy for my heart. I wanted her to play with other friends like her with prosthetics but now she refuses to eat and since she’s an animal, she can’t speak; I can only be sorry, not knowing how much it must hurt.  At this late hour, I’m writing because I feel so sorry and upset.. Because I wish for her to heal faster, I’ll take care of her with more responsibility; I’m sharing the pain with those who are also taking care of a sick baby .. Let’s cheer up together. Our Jaemie, let’s run healthily, I love you 💛

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

i love cats a lot myself and Luna is great for doing what she’s doing, but she’d better put the cat down. it’s rather inhumane to let her suffer. if she can’t be healed, medically, they’d better put her out of her misery..


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