170807 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update (2)


Google Translate ver:

Tonight she led his troops to set off, as Xuanyang Wang Ji, Rong installed armor went to the battlefield. This way, she took on the shoulder how much, I have experienced one by one, so deep experience. She was steadfast, saying “only to fight hard”. Her gentle cavity, before the expedition to the promise of the sun over the sun are entrusted. Her full of affectionate, into the valley is not forever waiting and accompanied. Gurgling water and falling petals, witnessed her growth, witnessed her story.
She is lonely, she grew up with us slowly. I love a lonely, but also love fuchu, because I was the ancient land of the vast woody lonely. She encountered the most precious feelings in the age of rampage, is a very lucky thing. But a lonely body in the royal family, there are always too difficult and bound, emotional dilemma. But lonely kindness and sincerity never changed, but in the process of growing up to become more play and wisdom, and finally with the young heart in exchange for a hard armor, do not take the mission, do not forget the original heart.
I love the lonely frankly cute, but also love her bold mind. I was her, she was like me too. Although the screen in the “ancient love song” come to an end, I hope the depths of the year before the general of the wood or that full of justice but soft and lonely lonely. Thank you for your love and companionship, farewell lonely, you see, better we come ~

(A Life Time Love is ending this week)


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