[TRANS] 170812 f(Sulli) = Grazia Magazine August Issue Interview

Sulli, who is building her career as a beauty icon and an actress, adorns the cover for the August issue of fashion magazine <Grazia>. In the beauty pictorial, she applied five colors of Estee Lauder’s ‘Love Lipstick’ and used different expressions and moods for each. Despite the busy schedule after the release of <Real>, she lead the set’s atmosphere with her bubbly charm and showed off her ‘refreshing’ and ‘alluring’ looks.

When Sulli was asked about the directions on how to have pretty lips like hers, she gave an amusing answer, “I apply the lipstick a few hours before I go out to let the color stain my lips. When I think that ‘This is my color for today!’, I decide what lip color I should use before I start to dress up. My face [make-up] should be done before I dress up”. On the same day, Sulli used Estee Lauder’s burgundy-colored ‘Love Lipstick’ named ‘Rose Excess’ for the cover. It suits August issue the best because this is where the summer ends while the autumn awaits. In addition, Sulli also used a dark autumn color lipstick close to aubergine (eggplant color). “I thought that ‘Since when did dark lips match me this well?’. I guess my face matches heavy colors”, Sulli expressed her thoughts about the shoot.

Do you like interviews?
Yes, I enjoy talking like this.

What if you are interviewing someone else?
Me? I’ve never thought about interviewing anyone. It’s interesting. If I look at it in a different angle.

If that happens, what would you like to interview? Whether a person or an object.
The flower vase right here. “How was your day today?” Hahaha. Ah pretty girls! I really like pretty girls.

The film <Real>’s ‘Song Yoo-hwa’, you liked the character.
I was really indulged and attached to Yoo-hwa, I felt extremely sad to say goodbye. I thought that ‘We can never see each other again?’, I wanted to shoot additional scenes but I couldn’t.

Wow, [you liked it] that much?
The filming set was the only place where people welcomed me when I totally become Yoo-hwa. But now, there is no place for Yoo-hwa to be the main character anymore. It feels like leaving a friend behind?

Is there anything that you prepared for today’s pictorial?
My face and lips’ condition? Hahaha. I have this habit of biting my lips. When I apply lipstick, I become tense so I don’t bite my lips. Particularly when I apply Estee Lauder lipstick, the dead skin cells calm down and my lips feel comfortable.

‘Sulli is **뭔들’. Haha. Please show us the make-up products you always carry in your pouch.
Lipstick and eyelash curler, I recenlty discovered Estee Lauder’s ‘Little Black Primer’ mascara. Mascara is stifling that’s why I don’t apply any, but this is flimsy and it remains in place. It doesn’t smudge under my eyes too.
[**뭔들 = whatever you do is beautiful and looks good on you]

What is the best skin care routine you use these days?
I always apply oil because I have a dry skin. Actually, when I feel like ‘I want to be a princess for today’, I put and let the toner, eyecream and moisturizer to spill down altogether. Is it my beauty day? Aside from that day, I usually apply Estee Lauder’s ‘Advanced Night Repair (brown bottle oil)’ and let my skin breathe.

Does it feel good to hear that you are beautiful everyday?
The more I hear it, the more I like it. However, I always wonder. I think something like, ‘I like my face because it’s good, but why do other people say that I’m beautiful?’, and try to figure out if there’s a different reason. I often hear that ‘because it’s unique’ and whenever I do, I ask them in return. “There are many unique people in the world, why me?”

Is it being cautious?
No. It’s out of curiosity. I know my thoughts well but I keep asking about what others think because I am curious.

Do you get misunderstood because of your frankness with your words?
Yes, people who are close to me tell me that all the time. What I say can be misinterpreted, it goes like ‘Let’s listen to Jinri’s point’. But isn’t it their freedom to misunderstand too? I think that if there is a misunderstanding, it will be solved one day, but this is wrong. I often hear that I’m inattentive. It’s kind of unfair but explaining everything that I do is not my personality.

What are you into lately?
Books. I go to comic book stores sometimes, I went to a library in Paju yesterday. I saw a book’s title called <Because I Love You> and read it right away. The book inside my bag right now is Charles Baudelaire’s poem <The Flowers of Evil>.

It’s Baudelaire’s old book of peotry, you’re like a lady in old times. What are the recently trending fashion brandsthat you like?
Rather than the brand, I enjoy wearing one-slip wearing style such as minimal sleeveless top or sleeveless one-piece.

During mid-20s, it is the time to try things and find out what suits your taste. Have you found yours?
There are so many things that I want to do, and my taste keeps on changing while I’m trying to find it out. Things that I like always change too. Rather than choosing, I prefer liking new things. That’s why I save photos that I like at the same moment.

Personally, I like Sulli’s voice. Isn’t it a slightly hoarse and ‘damp’ voice? Do you like your own voice?
Oh really? It has not been a while since I got to like my voice. I thought that my voice sounds like a baby’s and dull. The tone that I want is an adult announcer’s voice. But when <Real> was released, I was surprised to see comments like ‘Sulli’s voice is good’. I used to think that when I watch a movie, the actors’ voices were really like movie stars’.

I think that Sulli’s tone sounds like an actor’s voice in <Real>.
Really? I feel great but I don’t know. What? Ah, I don’t know. I’m not gonna think about it. If I think about it, I may not be able to do it further. Heuheuheuheuheu.

You laugh a lot too. I wish these laughters will be vividly conveyed in the magazine. And your personality is brighter and more cheerful than I thought?
I like making new friends. If I like a person, I’m the type to approach first. There’s this person that I extremely like and is shy around strangers, but I approached way too immediately. I should’ve been more cautious but I said “I want us to be friends!”. Ah.. I hope that I will get closer to that person someday. I haven’t let go of it just yet. (Laughs)

I’m curious. If you do become friends, please post it on SNS.
Oh, I will. Even if you will not know who would it be. Heuhaha.

Do you think that ‘If I’m the one to approach, we will get closer’?
If you know me, I think you will not dislike me (laughs). Since I’m a celebrity, there will be preconceived thoughts. But they have those thoughts because they don’t know my condition. If I talk to them first, they will go “Oh, so this girl is like this”. I am brave in this kind of side. I will say things like ‘Do you want to be friends? Would you like us to be close?’.

You have a lot of different friends. Recently on <Hyori’s Home Stay>, Hyori felt sorry for herself and it made her feel sad when she was 25 after she saw her lively 25-year-old friends. Hyori felt lonely because she doesn’t know how to approach other people besides the people she worked with. Is Sulli spending her 24 well?
Yes, I think I’m spending it well. The thought of “If I don’t do this, I will regret it later” comes fast. If I live being shy of strangers, I will regret it. If I don’t make friends, I will regret it. I’ve always wanted to go to college, but I couldn’t. If I don’t go to college, I will regret it, so I’m going to college at any cost.

I wish that you can go to college for you to not have any regrets.
I’m worried that if you go to college, you need to be good at studying. It’s been a while since that last time that I went to school. I almost don’t manage my image, will I not be make fun of? (Laughs)

You can get closer to it easier.
I want to experience it. It’s a small world that you enjoy before getting into the ‘real’ world. Which group will I belong to in the world of college? Is it the minority, majority…?

It’s philosophical.
It was a bit difficult at first because from the start, I became a part of a very big group of ‘celebrities’. I want to know how it feels if I experienced being in a small world. My friend who was studying in Washington wanted to quit college. So, I stopped her from quitting. I said that even if she’s having a hard time there, it’s also a learning experience, and that she should bear it a little more.

You have a surprisingly mature side too. You must have younger people around you right now?
I recently have two new staffs who are younger than me, it’s very exciting. I don’t mind if they call me by my name or speak to me impolitely. Eonni is fine to hear it, but it’s somehow strange. I was always the youngest, that’s why I feel uneasy when I’m with them. When I look at them, it’s as if they are glass bottles that could break easily. I don’t know how should I call and treat them.

What do you call them?
Like ‘excuse me~~, Ms. (name)~~’.

‘Ms. Sulli’ is seriously funny. What kind of person do you feel attracted to?
Someone who has a distinct character. A person who makes me care about them.

What role would you play if you cast yourself in a movie or drama?
A role of an old person. Like Marie Antoinette, a role where I can wear that period’s fancy outfits as much as I like. For a drama, all of the roles senior Jun Ji-hyun did are my taste. I think something that I can do well? Hahaha.

Do you think acting is a lifelong career?
I think that’s what I feel like lately. I thought that ‘this place’ is going to work for me. There was also a time when I believed that this place will not suit me. I thought that ‘It’s not me, but these people should be celebrities instead’. But these days, my thoughts turned to ‘Oh it’s not? Well, I have my place too’. I have confidence, I have sense of accomplishment and responsibility for my work as well.

Then, what about ‘Choi Jinri’ when she is not a celebrity?
I’m a really funny person. Sometimes I’m a six-year-old girl then suddenly become a girl in her puberty and in some days, like a 60-year-old  grandma who lived her whole life. If I feel gloomy for all day, I will cheer myself and say ‘Ah, let’s do something fun!’. I think it’s a bit weird when I say it, but people around me say that when I’m with them, I’m really funny. [I’m funny] at this moment too, right?

Yes, that’s right. You seem to be very talented and inquisitive, but don’t you think you want to learn arts besides acting? It seems like you’ll do photography in the future.
To be honest, I want to draw and [take] pictures. But if you want to do fine arts, you need to learn the precision of figures and theory of shading or shadows. I hate that. The same goes with photography.

If you don’t want learn from the standard procedure, you can try it with your own style.
I think it would’ve been nice if there is such gathering. Or a get-together of people who are bored in life? I really like get-togethers.

It would be nice if there is a game where people can make unique ideas. I feel sad because people seem to hide too much.

I suppose. We had so much fun talking that an hour has already passed.
Do you want to concentrate on anything for the rest of the year?
It’s work. I’m actually learning English for my work. Ah, I’m learning English harder these days.

Are you going abroad?
Rather than that, I meet various people when I go to a global brand event or party. I want to be good at expressing my feelings. Though it’s just brief, it’s pleasing to convey my feelings and share a conversation. Since I approach first, and if we have empathy for each other, then we can be friends immediately! You can’t have friends if you stay stay silent. That’s why when I’m out of work with my friends and if there is a foreigner, we do it without hesitation. To have a real conversation.

It’s a great intention. Do you have any plans?
I read whether scripts of a drama or movie. One of the mistakes people make is when they think ‘I could do this, but I can’t because of this’, but what I do is I immediately admit that ‘Honestly, it was something that I couldn’t do’. If I can do something, I make up my mind as soon as I can. As always, I have no regrets.

I Check Messages Immediately vs I Don’t
I don’t check it immediately.

Eyelashes vs Eyebrows

Baby vs [Pet] Animal
[Pet] animal.

Give Love vs Receive Love
Receive love.

Refreshing Looks vs Alluring Looks
Alluring looks.

Spongebob vs Minions
Neither of the two. I like ‘Guu’.

Batman vs Spiderman

Strange Place vs Familiar Place
Of course, it’s strange place~!

Which is the best color you used today?
‘High-Voltage’. Since it’s a bit purple, I knew that I would look sick, but I was surprised that it came out elegant rather.

Translation by mint-jelly


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