180227 f(Amber) = Instagram+Weibo Update: “When all i need is you. #lifeline #roguerougemixtape”

When all i need is you. #lifeline##roguerougemixtape# ​​​​

[TRANS] 180227 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Please come lots to Taekdolf and Lumarie’s last stage, I love you”

Waiting for my last stage with Taekdolf tomorrow is filling my heart with sorrow. Attentive Taek oppa always took care of my throat condition, he’s supported me since the first stage telling me I’d done well and that I’ll do well, whenever I was nervous, I’m sorry and thankful to the Taekdolf who’s warmer than anyone else. He’s modest and takes the lead more than anyone else, he’s the best oppa to Lulu~ Thank you😢 Please come lots to Taekdolf and Lumarie’s last stage, I love you. I’ll work hard thankfully for my last 5 performances ! “United by love beyond death” 💋#musicalthelastkiss

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180227 f(Krystal) = mukizm’s Instagram Update