[TRANS] 180331 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “When I left on my trip to New York, I forgot my cosmetics”


When I left on my trip to New York, I forgot my cosmetics, so it was a trip where I only wore lots of lip balm, but right as I got back to Korea, I received a thankful gift once again ^^ I gotta make sure to bring them to Dubai next week !! The product that I’ve fallen for here, #airrising Micro Foam Cushion (Lulu’s in shade 2) is moist and lightweight, but it has good coverage, so I’m very happy with it 😊 Gotta use it diligently, it’s my first time using #sum37, and the packaging is cute too, there’s nothing to leave out 💛 #sum37 #sumpinksunpact #sumlipbalm #timetomakemysikinshine

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