180413 f(Amber) = With a Fan [1P]

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#tbt to some of my favorite memories. I randomly met Shannon of Danity Kane and told her I was front row at one their concerts and how I saw myself on an episode of Making the Band on MTV 💁I still lol thinking about how I hugged Ludacris and said "Hi! I'm Silvia!" like if he gave a damn who I was 😂 Meeting Nathan Sykes behind Wet N Wild and pouring my little fan girl heart to him in my own private meet and greet ❤️ and asking him to record a Snapchat video to promote his single "Kiss Me Quick" to my 10 followers at the time! LOL And meeting Amber of f(x) and having a conversation with her about traveling and soaking in how genuine and interested she was in me as her fan and how she encouraged my dreams to travel and to learn Korean 💜 she even offered to give me gas money for meeting her 😭 #shannonbex #danitykane #ludacris #nathansykes #thewanted #amberliu #fxamber #meu #gratitude

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