[TRANS] 180417 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “For those who are wondering which product to use !”

Anyone else who would eat french toast with cream and blueberries like me??

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카푸치노 😳😳

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Cappuccino 😳😳

My throat aches really bad because of fine dust .. But why why ! Why did I want to drink a cappuccino with brown sugar .. cappuccino ..

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슬슬 다가오는 여름에 땀과 물에 쉽게 지워져서 나를 곤란하게 만드는 선크림들 많죠 .. ? 아니면 하얗게 떠버리는 백탁 현상으로 😭더이상 쓸수 없게되는 제품들도 많아서 이번엔 꼭 성공하리라 생각하시는 분들 ! 어떤 제품을 써볼까 고민이신 분들 !#AHC내추럴퍼펙션프레쉬선스틱 요거 써보셔요 😎 저는 피부가 건조하기 까지 하니 기초 제품 아무리 바르고 거기에 메이크업 하면 땀에 주르르 흘러내리고 수정 메이크업 하면 올라오는 뾰루지 때문에 여름에는 화장하는거 자체가 싫어지는데 요고는 기초제품 위에 살짝 발라주면 끈적임 전혀 없고 Fresh 하게 마무리 되면서 위에 메이크업 해보면 화장도 덜 뜨고 좀더 오래 지속 되더라구요 ? 요새 #선스틱 제품들 다양하게 많이 나오는데 #AHC 꺼 진짜 추천 🤩🤩 올 여름부터 뜨거운 햇살 손상되는 우리 피부 그리고 강한 자외선에 손상되는 우리 피뷰 ~~ 효과적으로 예방 합시다 ..! • 나부터 열심히 해야지🧡

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There are lots of sun creams that wipe off with sweat and water, right ..? Or they leave a white cast on your face 😭 There are lots of products I can’t use anymore, so for those of you who want to succeed this time ! For those who are wondering which product to use ! Use the #AHCNaturalPerfectionFreshSunStick 😎 Before my skin gets dry, since it’s a be product, no matter how I apply, if I put makeup on top of it, when I sweat, it drips, and makes me break out, thus I was starting to hate wearing makeup in the summer. This, if you apply a little as a base, it doesn’t feel sticky and keeps you Fresh, even after you apply makeup, it stays in place and lasts longer ? There are lots of #sunstick products coming out lately but I strongly recommend the AHC one 🤩🤩 Our skin that gets hurt because of the hot sun in the summer, and our skin that gets hurt from the strong UV rays ~~ Let’s prevent it effectively..! • Gotta work hard starting with me 🧡

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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