[TRANS] 180425 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “I’ve once again felt how much MeU support me, I love you”

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Thank you very much to Seokhun and Yurim unnie who gifted me a freshly made cake to congratulate me on #nightreminiscin on 2018.4.24 💕 And .. Sorry I dropped it ㅋㅋ
We’ll do really well 💕💕

Everyone, don’t be sick and take care of your health 🧡 Bap’s surgery went well, he recovered fast and is now healthy 😘 Thank you for giving #nightreminiscin and #fallingout so much love !~ I’ve once again felt how much MeU do for me and support me, I love you. I’m waiting for a surprise again on tomorrow’s V App, everyone, see you tomorrow #thatnight #imlookingforwardto #lunight ✨

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• • • #그런밤 발매되구 뮤지컬 연습하랴 체력 관리하랴 .. 열심히 챙겨먹었더니 혹시나 살이 쪘을까봐 걱정되서 체중계 올라갔쪄요 😂식단 하면서 보조제를 꾸준히 섭취해서 인지 ? 체중은 다행히 빠졌습니다 짝짝짝 !! 후 다행이다 라는 안심과 함께 건강관리에 더 신경써야 겠다 더 건강하게 먹어야 겠다 ! 라고 다짐했어요. 요새 미세먼지와 환절기 알레르기 그리고 감기로 고생하시는 분들 꼬옥 부비동염에 대해 알고 계셔야 할것 같아요 코감기와 증상이 비슷한데 방치하면 정말 너무 고통스런 통증이 기다리고 있어요 모두들 꼬옥 병원에서 자세히 검사 받으세요 ! 😎 저는 굶으면서 하는 다욧은 절대 비추에요 나에게 맞는 식단과 함께 적절한 운동 ! 그리고 저는 보조제 (저는 요새 #퓨어잔티젠나이트인핸스드) 섭취하고 있는데 지난번에 꼭 #누벨르후기 남기겠다고 약속했기 때문에 이번에 함께 공유해용 🧡 변비로 고생하시는 #다이어트 하시는 분들 !! 다른데 다 빠지는데 .. 배만 안빠지시는 분들께 꼬옥 추천해 드려요 🧡🧡

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Gotta take care of my stamina, with the #nightreminiscin release and musical practice .. I’ve been watching what I eat and thinking I’ve maybe lost weight, I stepped on the scale 😂 Could it be because I constantly took supplements while dieting ? My weight had thankfully dropped so clap clap clap !! I promised myself to pay more attention to my health and to eat better. Lately there is fine dust, in between season allergies and colds, and so I think hard working people should be aware of sinusitis, the symptoms are similar to a nose cold but if you don’t do anything about it, it gets very painful so go to the hospital ! 😎 I avoid diets that involve starving yourself, so I go for a well planned meal plan and exercise ! Also, I’ve been taking supplements (for me, #purexanthigennightenhanced) and since I promised I’d tell you how it went, I thought I’d share 🧡 Those who are having trouble with #dieting because of constipation !! I strongly recommend it to those who lose weight in other places but not on their stomachs 🧡🧡

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.


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