[TRANS] 180521 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I dressed up and left like this .. ?”

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• 매일 공연 3시간 반 전에 가서 운동하고 노래, 대사 연습 하는 건 좋은 일이지만.. 이렇게 입고다녔었나 내가 .. ? 첫공이라 아무리 긴장했다지만 나도 놀랐다 .. (무대의상 속바지) 감독님 탑위치 잘 맞출게용 헤헤 😜 93년생 친구들과 동생들을 이렇게 많이 만나보기도 처음이고 날 너무 위해주고 아껴주어서 내가 더 사랑하는 내칭구들 내 배우들 더 많이 아끼고 위해줄게 드디어 시작된 뮤지컬 #바람과함께사라지다 더 힘내자 🧡 • 내사랑들 뜌여니 지여니 몽실이 슬깅 희뜌 현깅 🤩 지연아 사진 고마워 앞으론 꼭 이쁘게 입고 다녀야지 🍎 @jiyeonkim___

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Even though it’s good that 3 hours before each performance I work out, sing and practice the script.. I dressed up and left like this .. ? Maybe it was because I was nervous since it was my first performance, but I was also taken aback .. (stage wear underpants) Mr. Director, I’ll match the top 😜  It was my first time meeting so many 93 line friends and dongsaengs, they cared for me and I loved them more, my friends, my actors, I’ll take care of you more, let’s cheer up for the #gonewiththewind musical that has recently started 🧡 Jiyeon, thank you for the photo, I’ll dress up more prettily next time

My Sunday was more relaxed because the bear came to see me, unnie, I love you every every day

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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