[TRANS] 180522 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Please don’t kick us out….”

Hannane has been these kids’ home for 14 years. Please don’t kick us out…. 🔷 Please stop the demolition of the Hannane shelter 🔷 ✔ There is a link to a petition in my bio ✔ You can sign the petition by logging into your account ✔ Please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Cafes, Blogs, Band 🙏🏼 We’re petitioning 🙏🏼 Please stop back to back shutting down shelters. The country doesn’t have the strength to take care of them, and this shelter in particular has been running privately for 17 years. We have to change our laws. Not erasing things such as replacing the front sign on a dog meat soup restaurant in the Kyeongwon-do area and remodeling it into a kitchen utensils store, but by helping out shelters. Not making selling the kids’ blood into a business, but by donating a bit of pocket money to help them out.

🙏🏼 They have nowhere to go. Should they go here or there? They can’t go anywhere without attracting complaints.

🙏🏼 Please help so that the kids can be protected. This is our only method now.

.🔺 There’s a link to the petition in my bio. Please sign it 🔺

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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