[TRANS] 180731 f(Sulli) = Instagram Update: “Kwak Kyungil helped me keep a habit of working out by doing it everyday…”

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운동하고 움직이기를 엄청 싫어했던 나는 어느날!! 허리디스크 증상이 나타났다…. 그 이후 운동하는 습관을 들이기 위해 곽경일님의 도움으로 운동을 매일 나갔다… 그러다 독일 출장으로 잠시 쉬고.. 이사 때문에 잠시 쉬고.. 그러면서 쉬는 게 무서워져따!!!! 하지만 난 어느새 운동하는 걸 즐거워하고 있다는 걸 알았다 헤헤 뭔가 신기하고 뿌듯하고 운동 싫어하는 복숭이들도 같이 건강해지자는 마음으로 글을 끄적여본다☀️ #그래서기승전나는오늘쉼❤️ 아! 그리구 경일오빠는 매니져일을 하기 전에 운동선수였습니다~^^ 그래서 아주 최고 도움됨! 짱🤩

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That day, where the me who really hated working out and moving around!! I got symptoms of a herniated disk…. After that, Kwak Kyungil helped me keep a habit of working out by doing it everyday… I rested for a bit while I was in Germany.. I rested a bit because of moving.. So resting has become something I fear!!!! But I know that one day I’ll view working out as something fun hehe I’m fascinated and proud, I’m writing this for the peaches who also hate working out, so we can become healthy together ☀️ #soillresttodayuntilthat❤️ Ah! And before Kyungil oppa was a manager, he was an athlete~^^ So he’s of great help! Jjang 🤩

the photos are her conversations with her manager where they plan her workouts

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.


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