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[TRANS] 190502 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “‘Protecting sensitive skin affected by fine dust’ Let’s do it with Lulu ❤️”

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• 벌써 2통째 뚝딱 더마토리 시카패드 완전 인기템이라 하여 루루 한번 써봤는데 진짜 좋앙 🛍 보라카이 다녀온 뒤로 피부가 까지구 건조하구 민감해져서 난리났는뎅 어케알구 이런 선물을 보내주셨나요 감사합니당 💋 간단하게 설명드리자면 이 제품은 ! #룬파벳 에서도 제가 직접 구매해서 사용하는 제품으로 솔직단백하게 소개한적있죵 ? & 진정효과가 매우 뛰어나요 그러나 거즈로 너무 빡빡 닦아내시면 아야해… '미세먼지에 자극 받은 민감피부 진정시키기' 루루랑 함께해영 ❤️ #더마토리#시카거즈패드#진정패드#ad

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I heard that the Dermatory Gauze Pad become a very popular item in the blink of an eye, so Lulu decided to give it a try and it’s really good 🛍After returning from Boracay, my skin was scraping, it was dry and sensitive and it drove me crazy. Knowingly, they sent me this gift, so thank you 💋To explain simply, this product! I’ve bought it myself on #Lunphabet, tried it and introduced it to you, right? & Its calming effect is really excellent, but if you apply too much on the gauze, it will hurt… ‘Protecting sensitive skin affected by fine dust’ Let’s do it with Lulu ❤️#dermatory #rescuegauzepad #realpad #ad

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