190616 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

炎热的夏天,在镜头前最怕身体肌肤黯沉干燥。洗完澡后用我最爱的Olay烟酰胺身体乳,慢慢见证了它让我从头到脚都光莹透亮,轻松hold住夏季街拍!618又可以囤起来了,来和我一起打卡28天全身肌肤闪耀蜕变吧~[憧憬][憧憬] OOlay玉兰油身体乳女士B3烟酰胺精华润肤保湿身… ​​​​

190616 f(Sulli) = wwwseoyun’s Instagram Update

[TRANS] 190616 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I felt really meh today 💦”

I felt really meh today 💦 I chatted with Woo Hyunjeung captain !! I’m thankful and thankful for today, I’ll work hard living happily like captain 😚

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