f(x) 10th Anniversary MeU Meet-Ups List

Hello MeU!

Here is a list of the fan meet-ups which will take place to celebrate f(x)’s 10th anniversary:

Manila, Philippines: Sep 8, 12-2PM, iChill Theater Cafe

Details here

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sep 8, 1PM, Barrancas de Belgrano

Event page here

Berlin, Germany: Aug 31, 3PM, Pariser Platz 4

Event page here

São Paulo, Brazil: Sep 1, 1PM, Avenida Paulista

Event page here

[TRANS] 190828 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “Lulu’s first group purchase taking place from Aug 29 to the 31st⭐️”

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• 아삐데르마 수녀크림 공구 ⭐️8월 29일부터 31일까지 선보이는 루루의 첫 공구입니다⭐️ 라벤더와 프로폴리스가 함유되어 있어 간절기 피부진정과 수분충전에 너무나 탁월한 아이예요~🤩🤩 선착춘 30분께는 아삐데르마 토너를 랜덤으로 증정하는 행사까지!!💜💜💜 자세한 문의는 @lunaroom6 로 문의주세용💜💜💜💋 #아삐데르마 Apiderma Cream from the Saint Benedict Monastery ⭐️ Luna’s first group buy 8/29 – 8/31 ⭐️ Season’s changing so Lavender and Propolis calms down the skin as well as moisturize. Nuns have been using this since the year 980!! 🙊The first 30 people to sign up get a Toner lotion for free!! Please DM @lunaroom6 to order and/or for more info. #apiderma

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Apiderma Nun Cream group purchase⭐️ Lulu’s first group purchase taking place from Aug 29 to the 31st⭐️ It contains lavender and propolis and it’s excellent at soothing the skin and giving it moisture in the summer~🤩🤩 There’s also an event where the first 30 people get a random Apiderma toner!!💜💜💜 For more details, DM @lunaroom6 💜💜💜💋 #Apiderma


The gentle, refreshing cream that I keep wanting to put on🌿💚 You can always apply it to the back of your hand, your knees or your elboew

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

[CF] 190828 f(Krystal) = CLIO Kill Cover Cushion

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피곤한 날도 꿀잠 잔 듯 화사하게 🌸 #클리오 NEW #킬커버핑크광채크림쿠션 ⠀ ✔️ 부드럽게 녹아 드는 크림 텍스처가 피부에 얇고 촉촉하게 밀착 ⠀ ✔️ 베이지 크림 & 핑크 크림을 내 맘대로 믹스해 매끈한 #핑크광채 #생기볼륨 피부 연출 💖 ⠀ 📣 신상 출시 기념 9월 한달 간 #올리브영 에서 진행되는 30% 할인 행사도 놓치지마세요 ⠀ 💖 Coming soon #Clio New #KillCoverPinkGlowCreamCushion which makes your skin look bright as if you're sleeping well. ⠀ With Kill cover pink glow cushion, You can create fresh, glowy skin like krystal. @vousmevoyez #크리스탈 #krystal #크리스탈쿠션 #핑크광채쿠션 #핑크광채쿠션 #올리브영과함께 #올영세일

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