190921 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “This song goes out to anyone who feels trapped and alone”

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This song goes out to anyone who feels trapped and alone. You are NOT alone. You can fight through anything but you have to WANT it. Believe and try. If you fail, get up and try again. Never give up on love and hope. Thank you to the amazing @genneo for pumping this song out with me. You are not only an amazing producer and artist but an amazing friend. Love you man! Big thanks to @upliftedvisuals for grinding with me and my unrealistic ideas and bringing it to life. The amazing crew who worked their ass off and im super blessed to have worked with such positive and proactive people. To my mama @sorahyang and all the dancers who looked freaking amazing and helped me get the moves down when i was struggling. Lastly, to my friends and everyone who came out to help, love you guys so much and i owe you all boba 💜 -Song written by llama & @genneo Mixed by @clexch Mastered by @oasismastering Tracked & Edited by @edowadoshin @5a_label @misterxrocks -MV CREDITS Directed by llama Produced by @davidjypark Edited by llama & @anngdang Choreography by @sorahyang -CAST @danakadan Chris Wylde @denetrabfit @mikebowshow @cassdsong @justchoyy @nandmahasuwan @micaburton @emily.ghoul @ivanbaaaaah @yoandri @tia_0315 @linaamadrid @itsmelimmy @the.bentobox @sampapers @jasmine__clarke @chaeleeda -DANCERS @trevortakemoto @hughniverse @kylelester1227 @tristan.edpao @jonphungjon @samueljeanmoore -DAY 1 UNIT 1st AD: @kpham12992 2nd AD: @scottsayasithsena Director of Photography: @hey_its_n8 Camera Op: @anngdang 1st AC: @dennis.phamm Gaffer: @colvinang Key Grip: @chris.van.lieshout Production Designer: @grassmo0n Hair: @araako -DAY 2 UNIT Director of Photography: @anngdang 1st AC: @the.bentobox Hair: @araako Makeup: @makeupbyyukina

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[TRANS] 190920 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “‘Beauty Time’ airs its first episode on Lifetime”

Tonight at 8PM ♥ ‘Beauty Time’ airs its first episode on Lifetime, please give it lots and lots of love ! #beautytime

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