[TRANS] 191009 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update: “I am Song Qian, the first torchbearer of Supernova Games”

我是#超新星全运会# 第1棒星火炬手宋茜,生而为赢,赛出水平!下一棒星火炬手@阿冷aleng丶 请做好接棒准备[超新星全运会] ​​​​

I am Songqian, the first torchbearer of Supernova Games. I was born to win and compete my best. Next Torchbearer 阿冷aleng, please be ready to take the torch.

Trans by ImmermitQian

[TRANS] 191009 f(Luna) = lunaroom6 Instagram Updates: “Luna teacher Mom Mom~~~~ 🤩Live video”

Luna teacher bleed bleed♥️😚
Guitar – teacher Kim Taekkyun @xorrbs93

Luna teacher Galaxy practice video🤩🤩🤩💪

Luna teacher Mom Mom~~~~ 🤩Live video
Guitar – teacher Kim Taekkyun @xorrbs93

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