[TRANS] 190624 f(Sulli) = Marie Claire June issue Interview

Marie Claire: You’re going to release a solo digital album at the end of June. I think lots of fans are looking forward to finding out what kind of music they’ll hear.

I did music I’ve wanted to do until now. I took part in writing the lyrics too. Rather than explaining it by a music genre, I’d say I wanted to show a very me-like appearance. It’ll become music filled only with things Sulli wanted to do.

Marie Claire: Writing music is putting your feelings into words. What moments did you want to express your feelings about?

I didn’t look farther away; I put in what I felt while looking at the things surrounding me. I, of course, expressed what I felt every moment. It was my first time writing lyrics, and I brought back feelings felt at certain moments, that I had kept away.

Marie Claire: Your hair color has also changed a lot.

I got the impression that I gotta show something new. I like changing. I’m very interested in new things. I want to experience by trying, without hesitating to do new things.

Marie Claire: You wrapped up filming JTBC variety program ‘Reply Night’ not too long ago. How was the mood on set?

The mood on set was very amicable. It’s my first time doing a variety program with (Shin) Dongyeop oppa, Kim Sook unnie and (Kim) Jongmin oppa, but we got along well, as if it wasn’t the first time, and the mood was also very good. Thanks to that mood, I feel like I can film even more enjoyably. ‘Reply Night’ stars various guests who are easily exposed to negative comments. Negative comments are false things that can also lead to major misunderstandings. I want to freshly tell stories with fellow celebrities who go through the same thing. I also want to let people know, through honest stories, how much negative comments can hurt a person. I’m also very curious as to how those with the same job as me, who go through this, take it and overcome it. It’s even better if a person’s negative comments decrease.

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191111 f(Amber) = Instagram Updates: “It doesn’t have to be big and flashy, it can be WHATEVER YOU WANT! its the #OtherPeopleChallenge”

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First of all, I want to thank everyone for all support you guys have been given my new music! The team has been working day and night and they are amazing! We’ll keep working to give you guys awesome stuff! (AND TOUR!! get tix if you havent yet!) okay! so…… Other People. Kiss scene and shenanigans aside, “Other People” is about trying to replace the negative with the positive, letting go of toxic people or things and growing as a person. I want to challenge you guys for the next 7 days to do at least ONE THING that makes you laugh, makes you happy, or even calms you down. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy, it can be WHATEVER YOU WANT! its the #OtherPeopleChallenge 😛 For my DAY 1, I steamed a bunch of clothes haha! Hope you guys can challenge yourselves to not be afraid to have a bit of fun or even have “me time”. If you want to share with the community, use the hashtag #OtherPeopleChallenge and you guys can share with each other!

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