200129 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates


I like He Fanxing’s role because she is rational and independent but not worldly, which has a lot to do with He Fanxing’s parents’ educational philosophy. Parents, how can they not hope that their daughters have a good home like all parents, but He and He have always conveyed a positive view of marriage and love, do not give pressure to He Fanxing, and do not equate marriage with happiness. It is easy to respect your child’s view of marriage, but it is not easy to really implement it. Not only He Fanxing, I believe that when you hear the phrase “I can afford to be born when I was born, and I am willing to support my whole life”, I will feel warm! Because of this, He Fanxing always loves life, innocent and enthusiastic, sticking to the purity in his heart. Hope everyone can also be treated so warmly by life [心]

正月初五❤️ 家里蹲,请你们吃面啊[可爱]O绿洲 ​​​​

The fifth day of the first lunar month

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200130 f(Amber) = ‘Eagle and the Albatross’ Preview

[TRANS] 200130 f(Luna) = Instagram Updates: “Jonghyun oppa’s album, music you have to listen to when composing”

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잠깐만 …..? 루이xx 이어폰 ….

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In just a bit ……? Louisxx earphone ….

Jonghyun oppa’s album, music you have to listen to when composing

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