200410 f(Amber) = Instagram Update: “All my son wants is my attention”

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Awkward selfie day! All my son wants is my attention. He will find any opportunity and any way to crawl onto my lap. He keeps following me around the house and stares at me with his stupid cute dog face. I have had multiple conversations with him about setting boundaries and independence but i think im 7 years too late. Then again, its nice to have this fluffers with me all the time. If you haven’t seen yet in my instastories, i made a tiktok, content is being put out on youtube, and working with UCLA for help their fund to fight COVID-19. More updates to come! Hopefully i can make stuff to entertain u guys while we’re quarantining so we all dont lose our minds 🤪 TEAM PINEAPPLE CAN I GET A “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”? 🍍🍍🍍👊

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