[TRANS] 201004 f(Luna) = Instagram Update: “I don’t think I’m getting sick of @/cartier rings”

I don’t think I’m getting sick of @/cartier rings ><

I changed the shape of my eyebrows, how is it..? Is it obvious..? kuku

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• #룬파벳 루루추천향수 2020년편 오랜만에 업로드 했는데 많이 사랑해 주셔서 감샤합니당 #룬파벳 유투브 채널 열심히 업로드 할게요 !!🙏 #제품협찬 으로 진행되었지만 루나가 진짜루 사랑하는 향수들만 사진찍어놨찌롱 함께 공유합니당 1. 남녀공용 향수로 추천하는 #클레망틴캘리포니아 @ateliercologne 2. 오감을 자극하는 싱그럽고 부드러운향기 ‘오 데 썽’ 오 드 뚜왈렛 @diptyque 3. 성별에 구애 받지 않는 새로운 “미네랄아로마틱”계열의 향수 #메모아뒨오더 @gucci 4. 나는 모든 나를 사랑한다. CK EVERYONE 💎 #ckeveryone 5. 루나가 꽤 오래 쓰고 있는 향수 말해모해~~ 조말론 런던에 #라임바질앤만다린 @jomalonelondon 6. 이번에 새로 알게된 향수 케이스부터 핑쿠핑쿠 내스탈 #나르시소 #나르시소오드퍼퓸엉브레 @narciso_rodriguez #제품협찬 #광고 #취미 #향수모으기

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I uploaded the #Lunphabet Lulu Recommended Perfumes 2020 Edition for the first time in a while, thank you for giving it so much love. I’ll work hard to upload to the #Lunphabet channel!!🙏

Even though this is sponsored, I took photos of perfumes I really like and I’m sharing them with you

1.Recommended for both men and women, #ClementineCalifornia @ateliercologne

2.A fresh and soft perfume that stimulates all 5 senses, “Eau Des Sens” eau de toilette @diptyque

3.With no regard to gender, the new “Mémoire d’Une Odeur” perfume, from the “Mineral Aeromatic” line @gucci

4.I love all of myself. CK EVERYONE 💎#ckeveryone

5.The perfume Luna has been using for a long time. Tell me what you’re doing~~ Jo Malone London’s #LimeBasilandMandarin @jomalonelondon

6.This time it’s a perfume I recently found out about, it’s my style with its pink pink case. #narciso #NarcisoEauDeParfumAmbree

#sponsored #ad #hobby #perfumecollection

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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