201101 f(Krystal) = OCN “Search” Still Cuts [12P]

Credits to OCN, via KissSoo郑秀晶中文站
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201101 f(Luna) = Friend’s Instagram Update

201101 f(Victoria) = Weibo Update

秋冬换季,肌肤能量还满格吗?作为科颜氏代言人,明晚8 点 宠爱模式即将开启❤️我将做客@Kiehls家的骨头先生 超有料K星“颜”究所,分享我私藏已久的护肤秘籍和超爱用的K家星品哦,还有为你准备的神秘专属福利!光速锁定 O网页链接 #这一瓶超有料# 还有超燃惊喜等你拼速收割!定好你的小闹钟,准备见面吧~[来][来]

[TRANS] 201101 f(Victoria) = Weibo Updates

忘了合并付尾款# 为什么不早点上热搜哦[哼]不知道我损失了多少捏…小八下个月的水果可能要省着吃了[坏笑][坏笑] ​​​​

“#忘了合并付尾款# Why didn’t [hashtag] enter hot search earlier😞Not sure how much I lost…XiaoBa’s fruit next month may have to be saved for later😁

果然[可怜]耳环被我甩掉了捏…[偷笑][偷笑]请造型师@CreamMao 哈啤酒吃嘎拉吧[坏笑] O绿洲 ​​​​

Sure enoughSmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatThe earrings were thrown off by me…Face with hand over mouthFace with hand over mouthI’ll treat stylist CreamMao to “drink beer” and “eat clams”*Grinning face with smiling eyes”\

Translations by The Song Qian