[TRANS] 210307 f(Luna) = Instagram Story Updates: “Musical Those Days, I won’t forget you, goodbye! “

My love, Hyu unnie. I’m really glad I got to meet and know unnie. Paint the world with your beautiful voice, Hyu unnie! love you #musicalthosedays

Musical Those Days last performance day♥ Thank you to all the actors and staff members for putting lots of energy into good performances, from Sep 2020 to March 7th 2021. Sadly, I couldn’t include everyone in the photo, but I’ll always keep you in my heart and memories, thank you!

Lovely, adorable, cute ♥

Goodbye with tears!

Go Changseok sunbaenim~~~ I learned a lot from seeing sunbaenim always respect and care for all actors. It was such an honor to be in a good production with you. I’ll always support you, sunbaenim~~ Go Changseok sunbaenim, hwaiting!!

My strong dongsaeng, Huiae, I love you. I support and bless you wherever you go. Cool Hyungjun, you’ve worked very hard, I’ll keep supporting you~

Cool Yukyung. Coolest and warmest you, you’re such a lovely and strong actress. I’ll look forward to and wait for your stages. I support the star on stage, Yukyung !! And you know how thankful I am to you, right?

Lovely Jiyoung unnie. We met during Gone With The Wind ♥ With bright and positive energy, thank you to my unnie who always makes sure everyone feels happy and joyful. I’ll live fully by sharing more love that my unnie taught me, love you.

Musical Those Days, I won’t forget you, goodbye! 2020~2021.3 Wrapping up smiling.

MeU, thank you and I love you. Luna will work hard!

Let’s stop crying now, Park Luna !! I’ll miss you, That Woman.

Trans by hearteumi@functionlove.net. Take out with credits, if translating to another language please link back to functionlove.net. Thanks.

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