[TRANS] 210925 f(Luna) = Luna’s Alphabet Community Tab Update

Hello, Lunphabet subscribers, it’s Luna. I came to give you some good-feeling news on a good-feeling Sunday. First of all, I couldn’t upload to Lunphabet constantly for a while, due to my health. I’m very sorry to my Lunphabet subscribers for being unable to care for you😢 I worked hard to get better and I’ve recovered a lot !! hehe So… I’m making my comeback in October with a new digital single!! Pop dance song!! Lullu lalla Lulu is excited💜 First, I prepared what I want to show to the Lunphabet subscribers.📺 Look forward to it !!! Thank you for waiting for me, and thank you more more more for subscribing to me. I love you♥️ LuPD Lu writer posted this♥️

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